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​The Sports Management Intern will assist in the planning and execution of all practices, operations(business and personnel) and events. Sports Management Intern will assist in field and event site set-up, equipment management, and event operation support. Sports Management Intern will receive hands on experience in all aspects of event management and operations.

Preferred Skills:

Teach, train, coach and comfortable with public speaking
Event operations experience

Additional Requirements:

Ability to lift 30 pounds
Ability to work weekends and irregular hours as needed
 Valid Driver’s License and safe driving record
 Reliable transportation

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

Must be at least 18 years of age and enrolled in your sophomore, junior or senior year at an accredited college or university
 Approval from college/university for internship program
Knowledge about youth sports and particularly the basketball community
 Good oral and written communications skills
 Effective organizational skills for managing multiple tasks Knowledge about Microsoft Office Suite

School Attended: Southern Methodist University (Graduated in May 2015)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Current Occupation: Engineer

 Participation in EYG: 2003-2007

Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9

What EYG means to me:

I first became a part of EYG as a younger athlete and had the opportunity to continually develop my skill-sets at an early age.  Through EYG, I learned fundamental principles such as work ethic, discipline, team work, respect, and how to establish/ reach personal goals.  A great aspect of EYG is that these ingrained lessons are not strictly limited to athletics, but are applicable to our everyday lives as well.  Most importantly, the primary mission of EYG is to develop athletes while promoting and establishing Christian ideals.  I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up under the influence of Coach Williams and the EYG foundation.  

 Why I want to be a part of the EYG team:

EYG equipped me with the essential tools which allowed me not only to excel in athletics, but also in school and my professional career as well.  Because EYG had such a profound impact for me, I am thrilled for the opportunity to give back and be a part of the EYG mission.  




         NATHAN LEE

​​​​​Consider your spring/summer internship as an investment in yourself and your own future. Your internship can be the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge outside of the classroom. The hands-on real-world experiences that you encounter during an internship program enable you to develop your potential and make key contacts for future networking.

​    TEAM MANAGER                KELLIE GINGREY  

6th Grade Boys & Girls   

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Major: Secondary Education with a minor in Coaching Science

Year: Junior

Participated in EYG from: 2006-2017

Will Intern Summer 2017 for Coach Williams

Aspirations after graduation: Becoming a high school basketball coach, with aspirations to coach in college

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 10:9, 10

What EYG meant to me: EYG was so much more than just a place to become better at basketball. Aside from basketball, it taught me about discipline, hard work, and taught me about being humble. SPICE is an acronym that Coach Williams preaches and that resonated very much with me. I continually try to embody many of the ideals that he taught me to this very day. 

Connection with Coach Williams: Me and coach Williams have a unique connection. He pushed me harder than anyone has ever pushed me before. He made me realize my potential and aspire to be better than what I was in both basketball and in life. I have remained close with him and continue to look for him for advice even today. 




Training Location #1: 6801 W. Park Blvd Plano, TX - Prestonwood Baptist Church Sport & Fitness Center